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The Incredible Bookman

the incredible bookman

By David Ponce

Designed by East Anglian artist Kazmierz Szmauz, The Incredible Bookman holds about 100 books.

It is 70 inches high by 45 inches wide and is made from Mahogany, although other woods can be used.

Each Bookman is signed by the artist, and costs $1,700.

[The Incredible Bookman] VIA [DoubleViking]


4 responses to “The Incredible Bookman”

  1. skyrm says:

    The incredible bookman…

    This amazing bookcase can hold around 100 books. Link (via OhGizmo)


  2. Theweirdone says:

    Can’t sleep, book man’ll eat me 0_o

  3. The Incredible Bookman – Book Shelf…

    For those of you who can’t be normal and absolutely must have everything in your house be a conversation piece, the Incredible Bookman should be your bookshelf.Of course, there’s a price to be paid for being different.? Each Bookman is custom-made a…

  4. Boekman!…

    Is het behang? Is het een stereomeubel? Nee, het is The Incredible Bookman! Ontwerper Kazmierz Szmauz heeft met deze kast een knap staaltje design afgeleverd. De Bookman is nog gaver dan Tetris-kast! Je kunt er circa 100 boeken in kwijt,……

the incredible bookman


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