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T-Qualizer Animated EQ Shirt

T-Qualizer (Image courtesy Gadget-Box)By Andrew Liszewski

Frequent readers might remember this earlier post I made about a t-shirt with a built-in EL digital clock on the front. Well technology marches on and that shirt seems so primitive now compared to the T-Qualizer.

It also has an electroluminescent panel on the front but instead of showing the time (yawn) it displays an animated graphic equalizer based on the sound in the room. That’s right, built into the discrete battery pack is a microphone that allows the EQ panel to light up to the beat of the music. And the animation is just not some random pattern either, just like the EQ on your home stereo each bar on the T-Qualizer accurately represents a different frequency range.

The T-Qualizer shirt is available from for around $56.00. (After currency conversion.)

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