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The IR Signal Jammer

remote jammerBy David Ponce

If you’re smart, and hold your cards close… for about $10 you’ll be able to watch whatever you want, for maybe ten minutes. It’s important that your significant other doesn’t sniff out your plans, cause then it’s all over.

See, this is an IR signal jammer. That means that, once activated, the remote wont work. She’ll (ok… maybe it’s a “he’ll”, but whatever) click, and click, and wonder just why she’s unable to put it to something other than Desperate Housewives. She’ll ask you “Honey, what’s wrong with the remote?” You mumble something or other, and keep watching. Then, she’ll check the batteries and shake her head in confusion. Meanwhile, you’re still watching.

If you’re lucky, ten minutes will go by before she says “To Hell with it!” and gets up to change the channel.

That’s it. $10 for 10 minutes of TV time. Is it worth it? You decide.

[The IR Signal Jammer] VIA [SciFi Tech]