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More On Blogging/Journalism Ethics, And Engadget – Fun Stuff

ethicsBy David Ponce

If you’re invited to a press event, and you bring cameras… do you have to get everyone in the room who might wander into your footage to sign a consent form? Specifically, if you go to E3, and you’re in a non-exclusive (read, many other people present), invite-only interview with Peter Moore, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business… do you have to ask around to make sure everyone in the room consents to being filmed, including other press crews?

Cause if you listen to everyone’s favorite Managing Editor, Ryan Block from Engadget… you better. And if he doesn’t like you, he’ll say “Get Bent!” Hell, I’m not gonna dwell on this cause there’s only so much he says/she says crap anyone can be interested in, but if you care to find out more about just the kind of people the Engadget posse is, head on over to this Andru Edwards personal blog entry to read about the latest debacle between the world’s larget gadget weblog gang, and your everyday friendly neighborhood schmoe. Or, what about this article, from Valleywag?

Anyway… next thing you know, you’ll be hearing of Engadget’s entourage getting in a scuffle with J.Lo’s bodyguards over release forms and fur coats. What fame does…

[Engadget’s Consent Crisis]