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Samsung SilverCare Washer

Samsung SilverCare Washer (Image courtesy of Samsung)By Andrew Liszewski

Subjecting your clothes every week to hot water and detergents in the washing machine eventually takes its toll. Even after only a few weeks that new shirt starts to look a lot less new. As an alternative you could of course simply never wash your clothes but that creates its own set of problems.

Another solution is to invest in a Samsung washing machine with SilverCare technology. Just outside the tub is a grapefruit-sized device that houses two pure silver plates. As cold water is pumped into the washer these plates are electrolyzed creating 100 quadrillion silver ions that are then released into the drum. These silver ions thoroughly penetrate the laundry and Samsung claims they can kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your dirty clothes. The best part is the machine only uses cold water which helps reduce the wear on your clothing and is far more energy-efficient.

A Samsung Washer with the SilverCare technology (a 3.8 cubic foot model) will set you back around $1100 which is actually no more expensive than a standard washer.

[Samsung SilverCare Washer] VIA [Uncrate]