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The Strollometer


By David Ponce

Ladies, listen up. Giving birth doesn’t meAn you have to keep those extra “I’m-eating-for-two” pounds on. Matter of fact, some of y’all already know that, and you’ve decided that the way to pre-pregnancy physical sexiness was through the sensible “stroller constitutional”. Why, it makes sense, no? Baby gets some fresh air, and you get some exercise.

Well, now with the Strollometer, you can add some hard metrics to that walk. It’s a device that hooks up to your stroller, and keeps track of things like current speed, maximum speed, distance travelled, etc. It works exactly the same way that simiLar devices on bicycles do. ‘Cept this one’s for the stroller.

It’ll hit the market soon at an undisclosed price.

[Strollometer] VIA [Gizmologia]


One response to “The Strollometer”

  1. Shiny Shiny says:

    The Strollometer…

    Pushing a stroller around the neighborhood is great exercise, particularly if you’ve got a kid riding inside providing ballast (because honestly, pushing an empty stroller around is a bit weird). Parents and babysitters interested in monitoring just h…