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Swiss Spice Salt And Pepper Dispenser

Swiss Spice (Image courtesy Think Industry Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t say I’ve ever done a double-take at a salt and pepper dispenser before, but the Swiss Spice from Think Industry definitely caught my eye. It looks like they’ve put some real thought into the redesign of something that is usually pretty simple.

For starters the cap on the Swiss Spice is completely water resistant which makes this dispenser particularly useful when hiking or camping. It can also be used single handed but at the same time will not accidentally come open and spill out when bouncing around in a backpack either. It weighs a mere 45 grams and at only 6 cm square (1.7 cm thick) will hold enough salt and pepper for about 2 weeks use.

The Swiss Spice retails for around 15 to 17 Euros depending on what country you buy it from.

[Swiss Spice] VIA [Productdose]


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