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SolSuno Sun Monitor LED Watch

SolSuno Sun Monitor LED Watch (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

In keeping with the trend of making watches ever more complicated to read at a glance the SolSuno uses 138 different colored LEDs (green, red and yellow) to display the hours, minutes and seconds as well as the week, day, month and year.

Apparently the whole interface of the SolSuno is based upon the movement of the sun and earth which has of course been used to tell time since telling time was invented. So technically the watch can also be used to monitor the position of the sun if that’s an important feature to you. Why that would be more important than say hands or digits on the display is beyond me, but at least the watch does look unique.

The SolSuno watches can be purchased directly from SolSuno and retail for about $280 for a stainless steel version to about $470 for a gold version. (After currency conversion.) Oh and if you’re interested in seeing the exact opposite of Web 2.0 design make sure to check out the SolSuno website.

[SolSuno Sun Monitor LED Watch] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]