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OhGizmo Review: Helio’s Kickflip Part 1

helio kickflip

By David Ponce

Blogging from NYC here, folks. Got a Kickflip, from Helio in the mail three days ago, and I’m taking it out for a spin in NYC. This review is going to be a little less traditional than regular OhGizmo Reviews. I’ll give you my quick first impressions here, and then a link to a MySpace… where you’ll be able to get some “real-time” moblogging from a great freaking handset, and a great freaking service.

The Kickflip is a swiveler, and the swivel action is simply adDictive. A gentle nudge of the thumb, and it opens all the way. The screen is simply gorgeous. It’s got a 2MP camera, and a slew of other features I’ll get into when I have more time.

For now, you may direct yourselves to this MySpace. It’s OhGizmo1, because for some reason, was already taken. I guess that means we’re famous!

Allright peeps, have a good weekend, and keep checking that page… if you care.

Oh, and since I’m here: any good places to eat, under $10, in NYC?