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NAVIsis EZ-Canvas

NAVIsis EZ-Canvas (Image courtesy Akihabara News)By Andrew Liszewski

Korean-based company NAVIsis is already known to some for their line of handwriting recognition hardware that doesn’t require a special tablet or writing surface to work. Using the same technology the company has now developed the EZ-Canvas which will essentially allow any monitor to function like a touch-screen tablet.

Simply attach the EZ-Canvas sensors to the upper corners of your display then using the special stylus (and custom software) you can write, edit and even draw directly onto your display with your motions being translated to cursor movements. The software also includes the NAVIsis handwriting recognition technology so you’re free to scribble your notes onto the screen and they will be automatically translated to legible text.

My only concern with a product like this is that tablet PCs and other touch-driven displays like the Wacom Cintiq are specifically designed to be touched by a stylus or finger, where normal LCDs and CRTs are most definitely not and will probably scratch pretty easy. (Trust me on that one.)

The NAVIsis is available now at certain online retailers for about $180.

[NAVIsis EZ-Canvas] VIA [Akihabara News]