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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Last Chance To Fill Survey, Win Schwag

So, it’s been a while the reader survey‘s been up. Many of you have responded, and I thank you for that. This Friday, however, will be the last chance you have to be entered to win the cool prize that we’re giving away to everyone that fills it out.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t miss out!

[Take the survey]

CrustaStun – Lobster Electric Chair

By Bruce Eaton

In a step to curb lobster violence, CrustaStun will show them there are penalties for thier actions (like clawing at your defenseless fingers). Using a 110 volt – 2-5 amp current and placed in the CrustaStun, the crustacean will experience an interruption of nervous system functions; it will not feel pain according to Dr. Dave Robb at Bristol University, and will succinctly die and be ready to bath in garlic butter sauce heaven. [Also scientifically proven] The result is that it reduces stress & improves meat quality in terms of texture & flavour.

You have to schedule a meeting to get pricing, so I have no idea of cost, but to be able to kill all the crustacea I care to eat easily is nice. Also the device boasts that it “Can be used by unskilled staff”, so no worries about operation simplicity. They also have a Continuous Flow Stunner for your genocidal war on the shellfish.


Atiz BookDrive DIY

Atiz BookDrive DIY (Image courtesy Atiz Innovation Co.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Anyone who has been reading gadget blogs for a while now will probably remember the Atiz BookDrive and if not please feel free to read the story yours truly posted a while back.

The original model was a slick piece of technology that also came with a whopping $50,000 price tag which put it well out of reach of most people. However Atiz has now released the BookDrive DIY which starts at a mere $3,499 making the technology a bit more attainable.

The unit has a bit of a MAKE Magazine look to it as you can see in the schematic there, primarily because it relies on 2 digital SLRs mounted at the top for capturing the pages rather than a scanner. The BoodDrive DIY only supports the Canon line of digital SLRs so if you don’t already have a couple lying around you’ll actually need to buy the $5,699 package that includes 2 Digital Rebel XTs. And even though the DIY is considered the lesser of the 2 models it’s still capable of capturing and processing about 700 pages an hour.

[Atiz BookDrive DIY] VIA [I4U News]

Compact Concepts Circular Kitchen

Circular Kitchen (Image courtesy Neatorama)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now even the smallest of apartments, houses or even offices can enjoy a reasonably sized and well-equipped kitchen. From Compact Concepts comes this Circular Kitchen that incorporates everything you’d normally find in a kitchen like a fridge, dishwasher, microwave or microwave/oven combination, coffee maker, ceramic cook top and even a working range hood all within a space of only 1.8 square meters.

While the top portion of the unit that houses plates and glassware can rotate 360 degrees the rest of the Circular Kitchen can only rotate 180 degrees presumably to facilitate things like power hook-ups and plumbing. There are different configurations available tailored to where they will be installed like an apartment model or even a hotel room model and from what I can tell they can even be further customized to your compact needs.

For more information on the Circular Kitchen visit the Compact Concepts website.

[Compact Concepts Circular Kitchen] VIA [Neatorama]

Xipper CD & DVD Opener

Xipper CD & DVD Opener (Image courtesy Solutions)By Andrew Liszewski

Not only does the Xipper make opening up the plastic wrapping on CDs and DVDs a cinch but it will also force many standup comics to get rid of their “hard-to-open CD-packaging routines” so really the device serves many great purposes.

The Xipper comes in a set of two and includes both a CD and DVD version and presumably the DVD version will work fine on most console game packaging as well. Pressing the button on the Xipper will release a safety mechanism causing a very small blade to extend and as you pull the device along the edges of the case it cleanly slices through the plastic wrapping making it easy to remove.

The Xipper CD/DVD set is available at Solutions for $7.95 or you can buy 3 or more sets for $6.95 each. Also looking at that product shot I find it odd that anyone would even want to open a Mannheim Steamroller CD, let alone using a tool that would make it easier.

[Xipper CD & DVD Opener] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]

Flexible Liquid Crystal Curtain

flexible liquid crystal curtain

By David Ponce

The technology behind the Flexible Electronic Curtain by Micro Reactor System isn’t terribly complex, though the technical implementation might be. I don’t know. What it is, as the name implies, is a flexible membrane that you can use as a curtain. It’s filled with liquid crystals, and it becomes opaque when a current is applied.

Of course, as you can probably figure for yourselves, the applications are endless. I’m too lazy to think of any myself, but there you have it.

[Micro Reactor System] VIA [Akihabara]

ASIMO’s 20 Year History

history asimo

By David Ponce

Honda’s ASIMO has come a long way in its 20 year history, looking more and more human along the way. There’s really no reason (other than our anthropomorphilia (I like big words)) to equate a robot’s ever more human appearance with its apparent evolution. ASIMO might just as well have evolved into the form of a T-Rex, an arguably fitter and stronger animal specimen than us.

But I digress.

The point here, is that Honda’s put up a neat page of the robot’s history. A fun fact? The first model in 1986, called the “E0, Experimental Model D”, took five seconds between each of its steps, and all it did was walk in a straight line.

[ASIMO History] VIA [Gizmologia]

Cellphone Features: Reader Input Sought

motorola_q_2.jpgBy David Ponce

The idea’s been floating around the past few days, and a Mobilemag article pretty much distills it: do people really want all the features on their cellphones?

Do you?

So, chime on in, readers. How many of you actually use every bell and whistle? Who wants more? Who just wants a simple phone that doesn’t crash?

What’s essential, and what’s overkill?

The Ram-Mount Triple Base

ram mountBy David Ponce

This is for the man who has everything, and no way to bring it with him on his bicycle. You know who you are. With the $7.63 Ram-Mount Triple Base, you’ll be able to take your cell, your PDA and your GPS along with you.

And we salute you Mr.Gadget Man, because we both know that shiny consumer electronics make the best surrogate friends. They should never, ever be left alone.

That would hurt their feelings.

[Product Page] VIA [Ubergizmo]