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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Kodak EASYSHARE V610 Digital Camera

Kodak EASYSHARE V610Ever want to send pictures from your digital camera to your computer wirelessly? How about sending your pictures to your printer with one press of a button? Kodak just recently unveiled their newest digital camera, the EASYSHARE V610 Dual Lens Digital Camera which features Bluetooth technology.

As long as the camera is within 30 feet of other Bluetooth devices, the V610 will transfer the images wirelessly. You will be able to instantly send your pictures to your cell phone, PDA, laptop, Bluetooth printing kiosks and any Bluetooth printer. Bluetooth is a great feature for a digital camera. How frustrating and time consuming can it be after you take a picture, hook it up to your computer, upload the files, and then either print it or send it to someone else?

Some features of the V610 Bluetooth Digital camera are 10x optical zoom, Kodak RETINA Dual Lens technology, Bluetooth 2.0, 2.8 inch high resolution display, 6.1 Mega pixels, anti-blur technology, and picture enhancing features.

The EASYSHARE V610 will start shipping May 8th for $499.95.

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Card Drive U510, 16GB In Your Wallet

card drive u510
By David Ponce

The Card Drive U510, from PQI looks like a credit card. It’s almost as thin as a credit card, at 3mm. But, unlike your boring ole plastic, this baby can carry up to 16GB of data. Connects to PCs or Macs, and is USB 2.0 compatible.

Sadly, as pretty much anything else that’s actually cool, it’ll come out in Korea first.


Finding Lost Golf Balls With The BallFinder SCOUT

the ballfinder scout

By David Ponce

Interesting technology coming from Sandserson Golf. It’s called the Ballfinder Scout, and all it does is help you find your balls (don’t say it, you twisted perv). It’s a little handheld device, that contains a 3.2MP camera, and scans whatever you point it at, in order to find any regular white golf ball.

So long as at least three of the ball’s dimples (that’s less than 1% of its surface) are visible, the device will spot it. It’s able to scan 600 sq. feet per second, so as long as you have a general idea of where you might have lost it, you’ll be able to find it in no time.

Of course, at $260, perhaps it’s better to just buy a lot of balls.

[The Ballfinder Scout] VIA [Xataka]

The Lightsnake, Simple Instrument-To-PC Transfers

lightsnakeBy David Ponce

While it’ll probably not help you sound anything like Jimmy Page, the Lightsnake USB, from Soundtech, will at least make it easier to get your musical ramblings on to your computer. It is

an intelligent instrument-to-PC cable with embedded analog to digital converter and signal booster. The LightSnake USB?s unique design enables anyone to plug their guitar, bass, keyboard or other electronic instrument directly into a PC eliminating the hassle, clutter and learning curve associated with high-quality digital recording.

You should know this little product won “Best in Show” honors at the 2006 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants).

It’s $70, and available from a variety of retailers, including Target.

Fulls specs, after the jump.

[Soundtech’s Lightsnake USB]

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A Toblerone MP3 Player

toblerone mp3 player

By David Ponce

Nothing goes together so well than chocolate and mp3 players. Sadly, this one is inedible, and comes with a puny 128mb of memory. Hell, there’s even little information on the formats it plays, battery life or whatever else might matter in the world of chocolate-mp3-players.

So, there you have it. A triangular shaped music player, with the Toblerone brand (illegally, no doubt) slapped on it. Somehow though, I don’t think the candybar’s lawyers will bother cracking down on this Hong Kong retailer.

[Toblerone MP3 Player] VIA [DAP Review]

EcoSandals For Kenya

By Bruce Eaton

We here at OhGizmo are very fortunate to not just live good lives but also have the luxury of dealing in the hi-tech once in a while. The people over at EcoSandals felt it was time to give something to some people who are less fortunate, like the people of Korogocho, Kenya.

Created by volunteers, EcoSandals are made out of used car tire treads scavenged from Korogocho and nearby Nairobi, and local Kenyan denim and leathers. They are constructed by locals who wish to help out their community over there, a community plagued by war and violence. But they are finding a way to help themselves.

While not technologically advanced, using what you have to make a product to help the community and the earth at the same time deserves some mention. You can get a pair for only $29.

[EcoSandals] VIA [White African]

Salter Nutrition Scale

Salter Nutrition Scale (Image courtesy Metro Kitchen)By Andrew Liszewski

A healthy diet is unfortunately not always the easiest way to eat. Reading labels and keeping track of portions can often be enough of a hassle to lead to bad eating habits. This kitchen food scale from Salter accurately and easily calculates the nutritional information of the food you’re preparing so you don’t have to.

It analyzes the nutritional content of your food by portion size and weight and and will then calculate total calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fat, fiber, sodium, cholestrol, net carbohydrates and GI value displaying this information on its large LCD screen. The scale’s database contains nutritional data for over 1440 foods and liquids and can store an additional 100 items of your choice. It can also keep track of what and how much you’ve eaten throughout the day (given you weigh every single item) and whether or not you’re achieving preset dietary goals. And it runs on a single 9V battery.

The Salter Nutrition Scale can be found at Metro Kitchen for $99.

[Salter Nutrition Scale] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]

BOB – Media Time Manager

BOB - Media Time Manager (Image courtesy Hopscotch Technology)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re worried the kids are spending too much time in front of the TV, computer or video games the BOB system lets you quite literally lock them out. The power cord from any one of these devices plugs into the back of the BOB and is then locked in place.

The BOB device has a small screen and keypad that a parent can use to program how many hours a child is allowed to use whichever device it’s hooked up to and when these hours can be used during the week. Every member of the family has a unique PIN number they can punch in when they’re ready to use their alotted hours and time restrictions can be customized for each person. I wish as a child my parents had used a device like this to lock out access to our television during TGIF.

The BOB is set to be available in late April and will retail for about $90 which in reality is a bit expensive considering most homes these days probably have quite a few ‘media devices’ needing lockdown.

[BOB – Media Time Manager] VIA [Luxist]

itbed Cardboard Futon

itbed Cardboard Futon (Image courtesy it design)

By Andrew Liszewski

I hate spending a lot of money on things I only occasionally need. Like for example portable beds. From ‘it design’ in Switzerland comes a bed that in theory could end up being pretty cheap, since it’s made from cardboard.

The base of the bed uses 7mm thick cardboard that is folded in an accordian style. When setup the zigzag profile of the bed is “reminiscent of a house of cards” and is actually stabilized by two lengths of webbing that run the entire length of the bed. When folded the bed can easily be stashed away thanks to its low profile. The itbed comes with either a futon or regular type mattress since cardboard itself is not known for its comfort factor.

Now remember I said in theory this bed could end up being pretty cheap because unless I’m reading the pricing page wrong the small futon version of this bed (90 x 200 cm) retails for 370 euros while the largest size (160 x 200 cm) retails for 540 euros.

[it design itbed] VIA [Productdose]