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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Sticksound Radio

Sticksound Radio (Image courtesy PID)By Andrew Liszewski

Looking quite similar to the old Tandy joystick I played endless hours of Police Quest with as a kid the Soundstick Radio from Lexon Design is probably as simple as a radio can get.

The antenna that sticks up in the middle also serves as the human input device and can be moved around just like a joystick. From what I can tell in one direction a back and forth motion controls volume while the other direction is used for tuning frequencies.

The Soundstick Radio is available from PID (Personal Interior Design) in red, blue, black, white and silver colors for $69. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries which are included.

[Lexon Design Sticksound Radio] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]

OhGizmo Review – ColdHeat Freestyle Glue Gun

ColdHeat Freestyle Glue Gun (Image property of OhGizmo)By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a good chance if you’re a regular reader of OhGizmo or just gadget and gizmo sites in general you’re also probably a bit of a do-it-yourself-er. And I’m not referring to building your own computer or setting up that wicked home theatre, I’m talking more in the lines of the projects seen on the MAKE: Blog every day.

Now unfortunately my skills on the electronics side of things are poor at best, so I can usually only admire those projects that incorporate circuits, wiring, LEDs and soldering. However anything else that might require a bit of construction is fair game. Whether it’s an Altoids tin iPod case or a cardboard fireplace setpiece.

From the company that created the ColdHeat Soldering Tool comes another tool for DIYers (particularly those with no soldering skills) in the form of the ColdHeat Freestyle Cordless Glue Gun. Instead of plugging into a power outlet the Freestyle uses a rechargeable battery similar to cordless drills making it usable pretty much anywhere you can carry it.

Long story short the Freestyle Glue Gun is a great improvement to the standard corded versions. While you may think being battery dependent would hinder the Freestyle’s performance that’s definitely not the case. In fact ColdHeat has managed to make a cordless glue gun that actually performs better than any of the corded versions I’ve used in the past. When fully charged I’ve found the heatup time to be less than a minute and battery life to be more than adequate for any project. The insulated tip and lower voltage of the Freestyle also makes it a lot safer to use than a corded version. (Full review after the jump.)

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Garner HD-1 Hard Disk Drive Degausser

Garner HD-1 Hard Disk Drive DegausserBy Andrew Liszewski

When you need to dispose of an old hard drive and absolutely, positively want to make sure it’s been wiped as clean as possible then this hard drive degausser is probably the way to go.

Sure there are plenty of apps that will rewrite nonsense data to a drive for hours at a time ensuring your original files are long gone. But this Garner Hard Drive Degausser goes even further erasing the actual servo tracks written on the drive at the factory which means that once degaussed your drive can never be used again.

Of course the HD-1 can also be used to erase all metal particle formats like professional video and audiotape or computer data cartridges. And while it sounds like an intimidating piece of hardware using the HD-1 is as easy as rotating drives or media over the circular ‘erase zone’ on top of the degausser.

This peace of mind is not cheap though. The Garner HD-1 will set you back $2,875 (though it is on sale at the moment) or can be rented at $350/week or $600/month.

[Garner HD-1 Hard Disk Drive Degausser] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]


Charge-n-Start (Image courtesy Sahalie)By Andrew Liszewski

I would never have thought boosting a car’s dead battery this way was possible. Then again I don’t actually own a car so there’s probably a lot of other stuff I don’t know. The Charge-n-Start is an 8-foot cord that uses both car’s cigarette lighters to recharge a dead battery unlike a regular jumper cable that requires you to pop the hood and clamp directly to the battery itself.

The Charge-n-Start can also function as a battery tester. It includes an illuminated LCD screen that will indicate the current charge level of the battery while it’s plugged into the cigarette lighter.

You can find the Charge-n-Start on for $29.00.

[Charge-n-Start] VIA [Popgadget]

Nintendo Revolution No More, Welcome The Wii

Nintendo Wii (Image courtesy Nintendo)By Andrew Liszewski

While I own a variety of gaming consoles, I have to admit that deep down I’m a Nintendo fanboy. As a result I’ve been eagerly following the development of their next console the ‘Revolution’ for some time now. And like a lot of people I’ve been patiently awaiting the 2006 E3 show for some solid information including what the ‘Revolution’ will really be called.

Well the mystery is over as Nintendo officially announced the name of their next-gen gaming system and from this day on it will be known as the Nintendo Wii. (Pronounced ‘wee’.) It’s obvious Nintendo is really trying to do something different these days in terms of gaming and with a name like Wii their next console will definitely stand out.

Head on over to to read more about the announcement.

[Nintendo Wii]

The WL-16III Walkbot, Not Yet A Segway Contender

walkbot IIBy David Ponce

The Japanese are at it (by “it”, I mean unmatched technological awesomeness) again, this time producing one slick robot, named the WL-16RIII Walkbot. It was developed at Waseda University, and is intended to help the elderly and the handicapped get around. Its brains are made from a Pentium III computer, and it runs on a Nickel Hydrogen battery. It’s claim to fame, in a way, is its ability to handle stairs.

It’s still in development though, as it’s rather slow and has weight limitations. But, you should come inside and check out the video. You’d have to pay me to have that thing take me down a flight of stairs, let me tell you.

VIA [New Launches]

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The Ride-On Carry-On

ride on carry onBy David Ponce

Now, this is my kind of efficiency. The picture rather speaks for itself, but well, it’s essentially just a little folding chair, called the Ride-On Carry-On, that easily attaches to your travel bag. Sit your kid, and haul him around, just like that.

The fun can be had for $32.

[The Ride-On Carry-On] VIA [Uber Review]

Portable Ghost Detector

ghost radarBy David Ponce

Sure, why not? Who doesn’t need a portable ghost detector? Just attach this cute little thing to your cellphone, or laptop, or wherever else you might fancy dangling a portable ghost detector, and you’ll never be caught unaware next time grandma comes back to ask you why you didn’t hug her one last time. Or something.

Point is, this is a real product. Maybe. It’s called the mini-GhostRadar, and is the fruit of a union between SollidAlliance (the ones behind the bigger Ghost Radar) and Strapya, makers of cellphone charms and such. Whenever the device detects a ghost, it lights up. It detects these otherworldly beings by measuring changes in surrounding magnetic waves.

Of course, it might just “detect” a random magnet. But, at 2079Yen, or roughly $!8, you’re basically paying for the opportunity to tell people you got a ghost detector dangling from your phone.

If you ask me, this is just like those stupid mood rings. But whatever.

Oh, did I mention this is Japan only, for now?

[Funky Babelfished Press Release] VIA [The Raw Feed]

Pocket USB TV Tuner

By Bruce Eaton

Fitting in the palm of your hand, at 25grams and only 83x27x14mm, you can watch TV anywhere you want with the V-Gear MobiTV Global. Unlike many other TV options for your computer, such as a tuner card or even a USB dongle for laptops, this USB key sized device not only tunes in television but it can tune-in pretty much anywhere in the world, with its TV/VHF/UHF/CATV NTSC/PAL capabilities. The MobiTV is also set up to for video recording in MPEG2 so you won’t miss your favorite shows even away. With what looks like very simple to use software and a remote to boot, I am pretty sold.

Coming in at 9800yen or around $100, it is very nice to be able to carry your tuner card in your pocket, knowing that if you are in Japan or Europe you can watch TV without breaking your bank to do so. As for SECAM, it doesn’t support it but really, who cares?

[Pocket USB TV Tuner] VIA [Akihabara News]