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The Ultimate in Force Feedback: The 301 From Force Dynamics

301 force feedback

By David Ponce

You know that something will cost you an arm and half a leg if the site openly admits that it’s got direct distribution deals with Switzerland and the UAE (well, and Australia, but that’s beside my point). They must know that only places filled with people with bottomless wallets will be able to afford what looks like the very best in force feedback: the 301 from Force-Dynamics.

It’s basically a gaming/simulation rig that will shake you around pretty good. It’s got 3 degrees of freedom, 2Gs of vertical acceleration, +/- 30 degrees of pitch and roll, and its very own 51.5″ projection display.

Of course, no amount of description can quite capture the impact of a video. So come inside, and watch some dude getting a hell of a ride on the 301.

You have to contact them to get a price. And you know what that means.

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