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Nintendo Revolution No More, Welcome The Wii

Nintendo Wii (Image courtesy Nintendo)By Andrew Liszewski

While I own a variety of gaming consoles, I have to admit that deep down I’m a Nintendo fanboy. As a result I’ve been eagerly following the development of their next console the ‘Revolution’ for some time now. And like a lot of people I’ve been patiently awaiting the 2006 E3 show for some solid information including what the ‘Revolution’ will really be called.

Well the mystery is over as Nintendo officially announced the name of their next-gen gaming system and from this day on it will be known as the Nintendo Wii. (Pronounced ‘wee’.) It’s obvious Nintendo is really trying to do something different these days in terms of gaming and with a name like Wii their next console will definitely stand out.

Head on over to to read more about the announcement.

[Nintendo Wii]

  • Bob’s yer uncle

    Wii? Why?

  • the dustbins!

    A proper geordie name, I thi8nk you’ll find its actually ‘Wi i’ with a space, pronounced ‘y i’!

  • Mr Mann

    Why don’t you list your sources?

  • dponce80

    Mr. Mann, dear sir person there. You’ll notice that the source is the Nintendo site. We’re talking Nintendo here. They hardly need another source.

  • Thomas Paine

    the x-box fanboys are going to have a field day with this one …. and this time i will have no retort … after all, it is a pretty lame name