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Portable Ghost Detector

ghost radarBy David Ponce

Sure, why not? Who doesn’t need a portable ghost detector? Just attach this cute little thing to your cellphone, or laptop, or wherever else you might fancy dangling a portable ghost detector, and you’ll never be caught unaware next time grandma comes back to ask you why you didn’t hug her one last time. Or something.

Point is, this is a real product. Maybe. It’s called the mini-GhostRadar, and is the fruit of a union between SollidAlliance (the ones behind the bigger Ghost Radar) and Strapya, makers of cellphone charms and such. Whenever the device detects a ghost, it lights up. It detects these otherworldly beings by measuring changes in surrounding magnetic waves.

Of course, it might just “detect” a random magnet. But, at 2079Yen, or roughly $!8, you’re basically paying for the opportunity to tell people you got a ghost detector dangling from your phone.

If you ask me, this is just like those stupid mood rings. But whatever.

Oh, did I mention this is Japan only, for now?

[Funky Babelfished Press Release] VIA [The Raw Feed]


21 responses to “Portable Ghost Detector”

  1. Tragbarer Geister-Sensor f?r den Schl?sselbund…

    Wer sich an die 80er bzw. an die damals coolen Filme erinnert, denkt mitunter an die Geisterj?ger aus Ghostbusters, und an das sperrige Equipment, das die Herren durch die Gegend schleppen mu?ten, um herumspukende Gesellen einzufangen. Wie sch?n, da…

  2. Gizmodo says:

    Portable Ghost Radar…

    It doesn’t matter if ghosts are real or not, where there is speculation, there are products and potential to make money. It works really quite simply considering how complex of an issue ghost detection is. If there is a ghost……

  3. Nathan says:

    Well, of course you need a PORTABLE ghost detector. How often are ghosts going to wander by wherever your NON-portable ghost detector is set up?

  4. The Portable Ghost Detector…

    I don’t care if this little gadget works or not, I just love that it exists.? Supposedly, it will light up if a ghost is near.? Truly, this is just a great conversation starter and nothing more.? Or is it?From OhGizmo!: Sure, why not? Who doesn?t …

  5. […] Aqui h? tempos coloquei aqui um Ca?a fantasmas port?til da SolidAlliance. Pois ?, o produto deve ter tido mesmo sucesso j? que eles agora lan?aram, em conjunto com a Strapya, um mini-GhostRadar para porta-chaves ou telem?veis. Chama-se Ghost Rader Baketan Phone Strap e vem em 3 cores: azul, preto e rosa. [Via OhGizmo] […]

  6. tomo says:

    Oh, I am so happy to know you guys love Ghost Radar Phone Strap Charm =)
    Whethere or not you believe it, it detects paranormal phenomena for sure πŸ˜‰

  7. Portable Ghost Detector…

    I don’t know if this stuff works or not, but it’s really interesting and cute as well. The Portable Ghost Detector from Japanese company, SolidAlliance in co-operation with Strapnya, will notify you when it detects a ghost around. So, ju…

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  14. Anonymous says:

    i have this,
    it went off last night at 3AM…not just lights, but kept beeping for hours.