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itbed Cardboard Futon

itbed Cardboard Futon (Image courtesy it design)

By Andrew Liszewski

I hate spending a lot of money on things I only occasionally need. Like for example portable beds. From ‘it design’ in Switzerland comes a bed that in theory could end up being pretty cheap, since it’s made from cardboard.

The base of the bed uses 7mm thick cardboard that is folded in an accordian style. When setup the zigzag profile of the bed is “reminiscent of a house of cards” and is actually stabilized by two lengths of webbing that run the entire length of the bed. When folded the bed can easily be stashed away thanks to its low profile. The itbed comes with either a futon or regular type mattress since cardboard itself is not known for its comfort factor.

Now remember I said in theory this bed could end up being pretty cheap because unless I’m reading the pricing page wrong the small futon version of this bed (90 x 200 cm) retails for 370 euros while the largest size (160 x 200 cm) retails for 540 euros.

[it design itbed] VIA [Productdose]


8 responses to “itbed Cardboard Futon”

  1. Phil says:

    370 Euros for the small one doesn’t even include the matress, that’s another 340 Euros. Homeless people have been making beds out of cardboard boxes for years, maybe they should have patented it.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Good LORD. And to be honest, that doesn’t look remotely comfortable. Why not an Aero bed for $100? It folds up smaller and is way more comfortable.

  3. […] I must admit, I love the natural, earthy, I’m in tune with mother nature and I’m doing my part vibe going here… But how will this cardboard futon really hold up [via] to the ergh restless nights? What about the bed wetters? Cardboard isn’t too sturdy after it gets a little damp. […]

  4. Chris Tucker says:

    Jeebus! That’s a rip off! James Hennesey and Victor Papanek were doing this sort of thing back in 1973/1974 with their books, “Nomadic Furniture” and “Nomadic Furniture 2”, by showing how to do it yourself with recycled corrugated cardboard.

    I see where the two books are available via eBay:

    Someone needs to updates two classic books and republish them.

  5. Chris Tucker says:

    Bugger! That should be:

    “Someone needs to update these two classic books and republish them.”

    And I need to proofread before I hit send!

  6. fronten says:

    ok, our overall conclusion is that ‘just design is too overpriced’

    drop into real life, designer folks.

  7. Grunwalski says:

    Cardboard bed, 69?. Invented by a german in the 1980s