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Grilliput – Portable Grill

Grilliput (Image courtesy I Want One Of Those)By Andrew Liszewski

Winter this year did not come with the usual force we experience in these parts so while we’re not as desperate for summer as we normally are it’s still nice to know it’s coming.

For those summer nights when you feel like heading to the beach for a cook-out but don’t want to haul a big BBQ the Grilliput will probably come in handy. When assembled it provides a cooking space of about 23 cm by 26 cm, not big enough for a large party but enough to entertain a few friends. The big advantage though is that the Grilliput collapses down into a single stainless steel tube 29 cm in length and only 2.2 cm wide which means you can quite easily carry it in your back pocket. (Once it’s cooled of course.)

You will have to supply your own fire and fuel, be it wood or briquettes and of course the meats and vegetables which probably aren’t as pocketable as the Grilliput is.

The Grilliput is available from ‘I Want One Of Those’ for about $40.00.

[Grilliput Camping Grill] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]