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Genius Pad – Giant Sticky Notes

Genius Pads (Image courtesy Arash and Kelly)By Andrew Liszewski

The Post-It Note can be a great way to remember important things that need to get done. The problem I often have is that I end up with a mountain of them, and subsequently things that were jotted down to be remembered actually get forgotten as they get buried.

The Genius Pad makes forgetting important things a bit harder to do, by basically super-sizing the Post-It Note. At 30cm x 30cm these giant sticky notes function just like the regular-sized versions and can be safely stuck and removed from any surface. For now they’re only available in the classic yellow color but to be honest what other color is as effective?. While I can see these working really well it’s only a matter of time until my place would become a sea of yellow.

The Genius Pads are available in pads of 100, 150 and 300 sheets from Arash and Kelly and cost between $11 and $31 (after currency conversion.)

[Genius Pads] VIA [Better Living Through Design]


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  1. Dan Sherman says:

    Just wanted to update you on this product. It’s now available in the US at πŸ™‚