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scanR – Cameraphone Document Digitizing

scanR (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

From what I’ve seen that whole paperless office idea really hasn’t come to fruition yet, but we’re getting closer. Here’s another innovative solution to easily getting paper documents into digital versions.

scanR is an online service that will convert images of documents taken with a cameraphone (minimum 1 megapixel resolution required) into legible, searchable PDF files. Cameraphone images that usually contain a lot of noise, shadows and focus issues are drastically cleaned up during the scanR conversion. As well every document that scanR processes is tagged with keywords extracted from the text on the page enabling easier searching of the PDF files later on.

The company suggests that everything from contracts to whiteboards can be photographed and converted. Emailing digital copies or sending faxes while travelling is especially easy since to use scanR all you need to do is email the images right from your phone to whichever address best suits the document type.

There is currently no pricing information on what the scanR process will cost, but as of now the service is free to try.

[scanR] VIA [Chip Chick]