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Portable Radiation Detector

Portable Radiation Detector (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

Radiation is a fact of life. It exists everywhere and is pretty much inescapable. Unless of course you choose to live out your days in a lead box. Otherwise if you’re concerned about particularly high doses of radiation the Portable Radiation Detector could give you some peace of mind.

A sensitive microprocessor samples the air 32,768 times a second looking for the presence of gamma-ray, beta, fast-neutron and x-ray radiation. If levels rise above 75 milliRoentgens an hour (mR/hr) an LED will flash, and the detector will beep. Low levels will result in a long-long beep, medium levels in a long-short beep and high levels in a short-short beep. The unit will monitor for radiation 24/7 and will run for about 6 months on an included CR2032 lithium-ion battery which is replaceable.

The Portable Radiation Detector is now available from ThinkGeek for $99.

[Portable Radiation Detector]


6 responses to “Portable Radiation Detector”

  1. Harri says:

    Surely if it’s giving you short-short beeps you’re already dead?

  2. John says:

    I agree with this. It looks great

  3. Portable radiation detector…

    Living in a big city, you never know what sort of invisible hazards are lurking about. There could be terrorists, pollution, terrorists, radiation, terrorists, second-hand smoke, terrorists, car exhaust, or even terrorists in the air and you would nev…

  4. This unit is exceptionally useful in case you are exposed to an orphaned source. It’s directional reporting ability was designed to get you out.

  5. Jeff S. Hancock says:

    This does not seem to be available on the thinkgeek site at all. I searched for it in the engine, but no results were found.