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Black & Decker PAINTSTICK

Black & Decker PAINTSTICK (Image courtesy Black & Decker)By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m sure I’ve seen a device like this on an informercial at 3 in the morning, I think I would tend to go with this Black & Decker version instead. The PAINTSTICK looks like your standard paint roller on a telescoping tube, but what sets this apart is the tube itself which can actually hold about 18 ounces of paint, allowing you to cover an 8 foot by 8 foot section of wall.

As you paint you slowly apply pressure to a plunger on one end of the tube which in turn forces paint into the porous roller. To refill the PAINTSTICK you attach an included rubber lid to the top of your paint can which then connects to the roller VIA a short tube. Then like a syringe pulling the plunger causes the paint from the can to be sucked up into the tube.

The PAINTSTICK is available from Black & Decker though pricing is to be determined.

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