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MIT Intelligent Spoon

MIT Intelligent Spoon (Image courtesy Counter Intelligence website)By Andrew Liszewski

While unfortunately this product is still in the MIT research-project portion of its life, the concept still holds a lot of promise. The goal of the research is to integrate computing into traditional culinary utensils in order to provide feedback to the user on how to improve the food being prepared.

The Intelligent Spoon is equipped with sensors that measure temperature, acidity, salinity and viscosity. The spoon is connected to a computer and as the sensors evaluate the different properties of the food being stirred, the computer processes the data. The information obtained from the spoon can then be used to advise the cook on what to do next. For example add more salt to the mixture or continue stirring for 5 more minutes until the batter is thicker. For those of us completely inept at cooking this may give us a chance to finally take down those Iron Chefs!

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