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Caller ID For Your TV

TV Messenger With Remote (Image courtesy SmartHome)By Andrew Liszewski

I guess if you’re a person who absolutely refuses to get up in the middle of your favorite TV show, but at the same time is expecting an extremely important phone call this might appeal to you.

The TV Messenger is a small box that hooks up to your television and at the same time is also connected to your phone line. When the phone rings the TV Messenger will pop-up the Caller ID info across the top of the television screen, without interrupting your current show. There’s also a remote available which will allow you to scroll through the unit’s 14 caller log to see just how many calls you’ve missed.

The TV Messenger with remote is available from SmartHome for $109.99. A standard version without remote is availble for $73.99.

[TV Messenger With Remote]


8 responses to “Caller ID For Your TV”

  1. BruceR says:

    it’s not that new an idea (but what is!). The Netgem freeview players have been able to do this for a few years.

  2. nuni says:

    you can do this with directv too.

  3. hopey says:

    Actually, this is a great tool for people who are visually impaired and can’t read those tiny, tiny caller ID screens. It’d also be good for folks with hearing disabilities who can’t hear the phone ring while the TV is on.

  4. […] Lazy? Life just got much better for you. Caller ID meant that you only had to answer the phone calls that you felt like answering. That was great, but you still had to look at the display or at least the phone with the ID display. That?s too much work. The TV Messenger is your savior. You hook the box up to the TV and your phone line and your call display information shows up right on your screen. Now all you need is an intravenous to get your nutrients and you will never have to leave the couch again. Pretty cool. (Oh Gizmo!) […]

  5. Jodi says:

    Yeah the Directv box is hooked up to the phone line (to see if your box is hooked up to the right address, sucks) and so when the phone rings it says it on the screen, and it’s oooler then it sounds. Especially if somebody is trying to sneak a phone call!! It’s really handy but not 73 dollars handy though. I would spend about 10-20 bucks on this.

  6. Nummerweergave…

    Voor degenen die nog ouderwets met een vaste telefoon bellen, is de TV Messenger mogelijk een uitkomst. Ben je namelijk te lui om van je bank te komen, dan kun je met dit apparaatje op je TV zien wie er……

  7. stephen ward says:

    i want to know i wondering about tv messenger can hook up with videophone will be ok ?