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Weighing In On New Luggage

Ricardo Beverly Hills - Scale Luggage (Image courtesy Ricardo Beverly Hills)By Andrew Liszewski

At my previous job I did a lot of trade-show related travelling which involved transporting drive arrays and computer equipment carefully buried inside my suitcases. As a result on many occasions my luggage was tagged as being ‘heavy’, though thankfully I never incurred additional charges.

Ricardo Beverly Hills now takes the guess-work out of wondering if your luggage will tip the scales at check-in. On top is a simple LCD that will display the weight of the suitcase in either pounds or kilograms, and will alert you when the bag has exceeded the standard 50-pound weight limit. The company assures that the technology behind the internal scale is robust enough to survive the rigors of travelling.

The Ricardo luggage with built-in scale will be available in 25 inch and 28 inch sizes and will retail for around $200 at most “fine” department stores.

[Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage with built-in Scale] VIA [The Gadgeteer]


7 responses to “Weighing In On New Luggage”

  1. james says:

    Or you could just place your boring old luggage on the bathroom scale. πŸ™‚

  2. ???????? says:

    ??????????????? ?Solutions?…


  3. seihin-world says:

    Digital scale built-in Luggage : Solutions…

    The Solutions Luggage features a digita……

  4. Markulus says:

    Isn’t it a BAD idea to have an electronic device complete with LCD screen on your luggage? Wouldn’t a device like this aggravate EVERY airline security checkpoint it ever has to go through?

  5. Luggage with built-in scales…

    I’ve long accepted that I’ll never be one of those people who travel light. Add that to my shopaholic tendencies, and you have somebody for whom the baggage check-in counter holds a particular kind of terror. Bathroom scales are……

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please advise what weight this goes up to, i.e is it limited to 23KGS/50LBS or goes up to beyond 32KGS/70LBS???