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Don’t Tell Time- Just Project It

timeBy Tanya Palta

Okay so we haven?t quite mastered the art of astro projection (maybe the Koreans are working on it too) but time projection is a whole different ball game. Confused? Just read on:

The IMAGIC PJ95 projection clock is a time device that makes telling time (or projecting, in this case) extremely fun. A product straight out from a sci-fi flick, this is the world’s first projection clock which lets you customize the clock display. The possibilities are limitless, if you think about it. You can always put images of your loved one or if you harbour megalomaniatic feelings, your own! If these are too pass? you can always torture people around you with gross or ugly images! [Forgive my strange, strange staff. -Ed.]

The IMAGIC projection clock comes with two slides and more can be downloaded from the website. You can then print these and use them instead of the standard ones. The clock comes in 2 versions, one for home use and the other for commercial use like bars, shops etc.

No word on pricing or availability yet.

[Product Page] VIA [RedFerret]


One response to “Don’t Tell Time- Just Project It”

  1. […] The coolest thing about the IMagic PJ95 projection clock isn?t that it projects the image of a clock onto a wall. The coolest part is that you can personalize the freaking image. You can print any image you want on the slide. That means you can tell time on some supermodel?s face. Or your own, if you?re into that kind of thing. Absolutely anything you want. So cool. (Oh Gizmo!) […]