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TrackStick GPS Data Logger

TrackStick GPS Data Logger (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

While this may look like your run-of-the-mill USB drive (albeit a bit big) the TrackStick is actually far more useful, especially for the wanna-be spys among us.

The unit actually houses a GPS receiver and will autonomously keep track of its location including time, date, speed, direction and altitude and store this data in its memory. The recorded information can then be downloaded to your computer VIA the USB connection and be integrated with Mapquest, Google Earth, Google Maps or Virtual Earth to give you a visual plot of where the TrackStick has travelled. Most of the unit’s size can probably be attributed to the fact it runs on 2 AAA batteries which will power it for about 5 to 7 days of ‘typical operation’ which amounts to about 4,000 records.

Unfortunately the life of a spy does not come cheap. The Trackstick is available from ThinkGeek for $249.99 which will probably make you think twice about who to secretly plant this on.

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