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A John Deere Boss Hoss

john deere motorcycle

By David Ponce

Far, far removed from the world of gadgets or technology, I bring you something that should make you drool nevertheless: a John Deere Boss Hoss.

I won’t dwell on it, as the picture is pretty self-explanatory. Though, you have to know this. Like a good Boss Hoss, it’s running a Chevy V8.


As in, a mind numbing 5,990CCs, 380PS, 14 liters per 100 km sort of V8. The kind that takes 200m to reach 200 km/h with a topspeed of 220 km/h and weighs-in at 550 Kg.

Want more pics? Come inside.

VIA [Uber Review]

john deere boss hoss

john deere motorcycle

  • Adam

    That’s 16.8mpg for those too lazy to type “.14 l per km to mpg” into google.

  • Bob’s yer uncle

    Just what we needed: farmer gangs. Can you imagine the nightmare of Deere’s Angels rumbling with the Farmall Furies?

    Stop the madness, I say!

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