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Taking Travel Pillow To A New Level

By Michelle Cheung

Sleeping in the economy seat in most flights is not comfortable. If you’re lucky, you can twist and turn until you’re so tired, you fall asleep. But if you’re not, you’ll just have to freeze in one position till the plane lands. Maybe this travel pillow will help. Maybe not.

The Skyrest is an inflatable pillow that lets you doze off leaning forward!

“It works with gravity rather than against it. Lay your head down on SkyRest’s soft pillow top and drift off to a restful nap.”

All this for $29.95.

Check out Skyrest.


6 responses to “Taking Travel Pillow To A New Level”

  1. Phil says:

    That guy is going to wake up with one heck of a sore neck.

  2. Gizmodo says:

    Skyrest Travel Pillow…

    We love travelling a lot except for, you know, the part where you actually travel—airports and airplanes are two of the most uncomfortable places to be ever. Trying to fall asleep on a plane is an experience that has……

  3. Travel Pillow…

    Quite a few times when I’ve been on those long cross-Atlantic flights between Europe and U.S., I’ve been trying to sleep by resting my head on the chair in front of me. Trust me, it doesn’t work very good – but I have great hope for…

  4. Reis kussen…

    Leuk zeg, zomervakantie, zon, zee, cultuur, een vliegreis van 10 uur… Wil je lekker slapen door het vliegtuigeten, de krijsende babies, de vliegtuigstoelen, de C-films en de dikke stewardessen heenslapen? Voor 30 dollar heb je de Skyrest, een opblaas…

  5. k says:

    I bought this pillow before flying from the US to Istanbul. I’m always uncomfortable sleeping upright and this worked really well. (It’s made for a taller person, so I just deflated it a little to get the right height.) I don’t know where it is right now, so I’m buying another one today for a trip to China this week.