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Samsung’s XCute’s S50, RAZR Thin 6MP Cameraphone

xcute s50

By David Ponce

Yeah, that pic looks CG, but this little phone was played with at CeBit, so I’m assuming it actually exists. It’s Samsung’s S50. The kicker is that is features a 6MP digicam, all the while remaining about as thin as a RAZR at 9mm. Mind you, you have to take that 6MP with a grain of salt: it’s upsampled from 3MP. It does come with autofocus though, so, hey, we’re probably talking really nice pictures here.

Other features include a 1.6 million color screen, highest on the market, along with the ability to play video/music files, a tv out connection and video recording. You can even expand the memory storage through microSD card.

It’s due in in four month’s time. In Taiwan.

[Samsung’s XCute’s S50]


7 responses to “Samsung’s XCute’s S50, RAZR Thin 6MP Cameraphone”

  1. tranism says:

    Actually, the Panasonic V and M series phones have 16 million color TFT screens. Thats more than this phone.

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  3. Samsung S50: 6 megapixel ultradun gsmmetje…

    Voor de fans van de superdunne toestellen is er goed nieuws. En het heet: Samsung S50. De S50 is een 9 milimeter dik triband toestel, voorzien van een 6 megapixel camera, flits, TV-uitgang en speelt AVI, ASF en MOV filmpjes……

  4. Dhiram says:

    It is Xcute S50 and not Samsung S50.

  5. LiveCrunch says:

    That thing looks like my phone Samsung trace πŸ™‚