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DNA Pendant: +1 To Remembering Loved Ones

DNAPendants.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

There always comes a day when you have to part with someone you care and love for. In Japan, the Eiwa Industry Co. offers a way for you to preserve a piece of them forever, by encapsulating the departed one’s DNA in a DNA Pendant. Some American companies offer products like Perpetua who will do it for a pet or even a human. But it is Eiwa who says that their process of first extracting the DNA from a nail or hair and then encasing it in a crystal will offer, in some people’s eyes, a “perceived permanence”.

They are available in two shapes:, one is a round perfume bottle and the other is a face that can interlock together with another one, for couples to wear. It costs $428 for the whole package, meaning the jewelery and the DNA extraction. Apparently many people have expressed the hope that one day they can raise the dead with cloning. This is pretty classy, especially compared to video tombstones, or just keeping the body in a rocking chair a la Psycho.

[DNA Pendant] VIA [RealTechNews]


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