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Offset Bike Cranks, Tour De France Here I Come

2282_20080574206.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

Now I am ready to truly give Lance Armstrong a run for his money with the Rotor Crank System. Designed by someone who is, presumably, smart, the Rotor Crank does what all cyclists wish their pedals did for them: remove that dead spot at the top of a new stroke. Well, this system does just that by using two independent cranks which work together to make sure the pedals never end up in a 180 degree alignment with each other. You end up with no dead spot and always in a power stroke. No more jamming your knees, injuries to tendons due to that dead spot, and better maintenance of traction as wheels do not slow down and do not have that unnatural jumpiness.

Available at RotorCrankUSA, in steel or titanium. You won’t have to sacrifice weight to add this on as there are plenty of options to get this system on your bike. But due to pricing ranging from $693 for a double steel road set to $963 for triple titanium road set, you will sacrifice your wallet, bank account, kidneys, something. But for a semi-pro to very hardcore rider, this seems worth the investment.

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