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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Kohler DTV – Next-Gen Shower

Kohler DTV Shower System (Image courtesy Gearlog)By Andrew Liszewski

If the day ever comes when I decide to embrace responsibility and buy a house I’m putting Kohler fixtures in every room. I’ve always thought their designers rank up there with Apple’s when it comes to clean, modern looks. Well it seems Kohler is going high-tech as well with their new Digital Thermostatic Valve (DTV) technology that can regulate the flow of water based on temperature.

What does that mean? Well imagine taking your morning shower and being able to set the water to 90 degrees, and have the shower maintain that exact temperature the entire time. The waterproof touch-screen interface can also be used to control up to 8 shower heads allowing them to be programmed with individual speeds, pressures and even temperatures.

The downside? The Kohler DTV Shower System isn’t exactly a weekend do-it-yourself project, and will require a professional installation in addition to it’s $2000 price tag.

[Kohler DTV Shower System] VIA [Gearlog]

The Toshiba A105-S4010


By Tanya Palta

Love to own a reputed notebook but just salivate from a distance because of no Vitamin M (money, for the uninitiated)? Well don?t fret because Toshiba has just launched a budget laptop (budget being the magical word).

The Toshiba A105-S4010 can be all yours for US $1,399.99 (mmm, so much for my budget). It features a large 15.4″ diagonal WXGA display, Intel Core Duo processor (T2400), 120GB hard drive, and runs on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

[Toshiba] VIA [MobileWhack]

Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse

Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse (Image courtesy Logitech)By Andrew Liszewski

Touchpads and track pointers are a great solution when using a laptop with limited real estate, but any other time a mouse is the way to go. And while LED/laser based technology allows mice to be used on most surfaces, Logitech has taken them one step further with their V400 mouse designed specifically for mousing-on-the-go.

It uses two lasers instead of just one to detect microscopic surface variations providing pixel-precise tracking on any surface. In fact Logitech claims the innovation provides ‘all-terrain performance.’ The V400 is also well-stacked in terms of functionality. It uses a 2.4GHz USB receiver which can be stowed inside the mouse when not in use, has a tilting scroll wheel with zoom functions and fully programmable forward and back buttons.

The V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse is available from Logitech for $49.99.

[Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse] VIA [Digital World Tokyo]

Design Barcodes


By Michelle Cheung

These came out in Japan a while ago. Basically they are barcode artworks.

Instead of having a bunch of meaningless bars on a product that people never pay much (or any) attention to, the unique designs on these barcodes usually brings a smile to the viewer. The designs incorporate messages about the product, turning them into mini advertisments. The company’s intention is “to bring people a sense of healing, inspiration, and emotional enrichment.”

This is definitely not a product that is going to bring in big bucks for any company, but it’s just nice to see people put in time for fun things like this. While we’re on the subject of barcodes, in Japan, this is called barcode hair!

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Astone’s Mobile Washer

Astone's mobile washer

By Tanya Palta

If you are one of those people who?ll do anything to skip laundry, then you will, in all probability, hate this little bugger. However for that rare species that love doing laundry (yes people, they do exist), the Astone Mobile Washer is a blessing in disguise.

This portable, fully-operational washing machine, weighs just 2 kg and on inflation can hold up to 6.5 Liters of water. Its exclusive design makes it truly portable, and makes a perfect traveling companion.

It’ll be available in June, at the very decent price of $70.

[Astone’s Mobile Washer] VIA [Gizmag]

The Numark iDJ2

numark idj2By Tanya Palta

I love this new accessory for the almighty iPod. The Numark iDJ2 not only has the IT factor, it also allows you to fulfill your long and hidden desire to be a DJ.

The iDJ2, an upgrade to the iDJ, is a professional iPod mixing console which has a single iPod dock, but can play 2 tunes at a time. It delivers real-time scratching, pitch control, looping, and full cueing of music.

Non iPod users need not fret as it can also play other Digital Players via USB ports. Some other features include an LCD screen, visual track-profiling, capability to record musical performances to a docked iPod and support for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC formats. No word on price or availability yet.

[Numark’s iDJ2] VIA [iLounge]

TabletKiosk Wants Its Share Of The UMPC/Origami Pie

Tabletkiosk eo

By Jennifer De Leo

You’ve undoubtedly all heard about the UMPC, or even Microsoft’s stake in it, with Origami. Well, it looks like other vendors want their share of the action as well. TabletKiosk announced today that it plans to launch its ultramobile PC, the “eo,” at the end of April. Two versions will be available: an $899 standard model and an $999 special offer with an upgraded hard drive.

The eo weighs just under 2 pounds, houses a 1.0-GHz Via C7M processor, and comes with built-in Bluetooth and 802.11g Wi-Fi functionality. Battery life will be about 2.5 hours, and the chassis has been designed to be convenient for lefties as well as righties.

[TabletKiosk] VIA [PCMag]

Orb, The Free Slingbox

By Bruce Eaton

All of you have probably heard of the Slingbox, which allows you to feed TV to your computer, say, if you are away on travel. The problem is that it is expensive to poor wannabe gadget folk such as I. In comes the Orb, a video casting software offering that has a great price: FREE FOREVER. Orb allows you to transmit your TV, audio, photo galleries and video from a base PC to any device which has a web browser (and an Internet connection). So long as the device you are trying to Orb from supports either Real Media formats, Windows Media formats, or 3GP format, you are good to go. In case you noticed the 3GP, yes you can use this to stream to your phone or PDA.

This really seems like cool software that has a good backing to it. They even have a plugin so you can DVR TiVo on the go and such. Requirements are not out of this world (2.4Ghz, 512ram, XP, 1gig free) so almost anyone these days can run it. And did I mention it is free?

[Orb] VIA [GadgetSpy]

Belkin Flips For Multiple PCs

Belkin FlipBelkin has unveiled a new KVM switch to enable users to share their monitor, keyboard, mouse, and even speakers (certain models) between computers. It allows easy connections to a laptop, supports high resolution monitors, and offers a stylish pod with buttons for switching between the computers. I certainly wouldn’t mind this sitting on my desk!

The Belkin Flip will be available in April, starting at $59.99.

[Belkin] VIA [DesignTechnica]