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2Seconds: Self-Made Tent

tentBy Tanya Palta

Remember those dreaded camping trips where dad could never get the tent right? I don?t know about you but I was fully traumatized as a kid. If only we’d had the 2 Seconds Self Made Tent, from Decathlon, which sounds too good to be true.

Just throw it in the air and voila!, your tent is ready in, you guessed it, two seconds. This is possible because of the innovative way the spring hoops have been placed. It comes with a coated double roof with waterproof seams for excellent water resistance, anti-condensation ?breathing? room, extra-strong polyester fabric, and space for 2 people (1.45 m by 2.45 m).

So next time when some one uses the C word (camping), break into a big smile!

[Decathlon] VIA [Yanko Design]