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Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse

Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse (Image courtesy Logitech)By Andrew Liszewski

Touchpads and track pointers are a great solution when using a laptop with limited real estate, but any other time a mouse is the way to go. And while LED/laser based technology allows mice to be used on most surfaces, Logitech has taken them one step further with their V400 mouse designed specifically for mousing-on-the-go.

It uses two lasers instead of just one to detect microscopic surface variations providing pixel-precise tracking on any surface. In fact Logitech claims the innovation provides ‘all-terrain performance.’ The V400 is also well-stacked in terms of functionality. It uses a 2.4GHz USB receiver which can be stowed inside the mouse when not in use, has a tilting scroll wheel with zoom functions and fully programmable forward and back buttons.

The V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse is available from Logitech for $49.99.

[Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse] VIA [Digital World Tokyo]


One response to “Logitech V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse”

  1. johnsson says:

    soon enough…… razorblade effect… 3 LASERS INSTEAD OF JUST 2, ITS THE FUTURE.