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Kohler DTV – Next-Gen Shower

Kohler DTV Shower System (Image courtesy Gearlog)By Andrew Liszewski

If the day ever comes when I decide to embrace responsibility and buy a house I’m putting Kohler fixtures in every room. I’ve always thought their designers rank up there with Apple’s when it comes to clean, modern looks. Well it seems Kohler is going high-tech as well with their new Digital Thermostatic Valve (DTV) technology that can regulate the flow of water based on temperature.

What does that mean? Well imagine taking your morning shower and being able to set the water to 90 degrees, and have the shower maintain that exact temperature the entire time. The waterproof touch-screen interface can also be used to control up to 8 shower heads allowing them to be programmed with individual speeds, pressures and even temperatures.

The downside? The Kohler DTV Shower System isn’t exactly a weekend do-it-yourself project, and will require a professional installation in addition to it’s $2000 price tag.

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