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Design Barcodes


By Michelle Cheung

These came out in Japan a while ago. Basically they are barcode artworks.

Instead of having a bunch of meaningless bars on a product that people never pay much (or any) attention to, the unique designs on these barcodes usually brings a smile to the viewer. The designs incorporate messages about the product, turning them into mini advertisments. The company’s intention is “to bring people a sense of healing, inspiration, and emotional enrichment.”

This is definitely not a product that is going to bring in big bucks for any company, but it’s just nice to see people put in time for fun things like this. While we’re on the subject of barcodes, in Japan, this is called barcode hair!

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3 responses to “Design Barcodes”

  1. Tahir says:

    This is great. Could be a new form of art and I can imagine a few stencil artists using it

  2. Charu says:

    Sounds Interesting!!

    Indeed an innovative idea that combines cool marketing tactic with great design!!

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