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Orb, The Free Slingbox

By Bruce Eaton

All of you have probably heard of the Slingbox, which allows you to feed TV to your computer, say, if you are away on travel. The problem is that it is expensive to poor wannabe gadget folk such as I. In comes the Orb, a video casting software offering that has a great price: FREE FOREVER. Orb allows you to transmit your TV, audio, photo galleries and video from a base PC to any device which has a web browser (and an Internet connection). So long as the device you are trying to Orb from supports either Real Media formats, Windows Media formats, or 3GP format, you are good to go. In case you noticed the 3GP, yes you can use this to stream to your phone or PDA.

This really seems like cool software that has a good backing to it. They even have a plugin so you can DVR TiVo on the go and such. Requirements are not out of this world (2.4Ghz, 512ram, XP, 1gig free) so almost anyone these days can run it. And did I mention it is free?

[Orb] VIA [GadgetSpy]


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