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Filsafer Laptop Alarm

Filsafer PC Card (Image courtesy Akihabara News)By Andrew Liszewski

Shortly after I started university the school had installed a state-of-the-art computer graphics lab. In addition to Fort Knox level security on the room itself, in order to prevent the insides of the computers from being pilfered (ram, software dongles etc.) each system had an extremely sensitive motion detector inside that would emit a very loud scream at even the slightest bump.

The same level of ‘security’ can now be had for your notebook with the Kokuyo Filsafer PC Card. It’s a PCMCIA card with a built-in motion detector that will emit a 110db alarm (via your notebook’s own speakers) when your system has been moved. I assume it uses its own software to turn the motion detection on and off, and presumably will override the Windows volume controls to ensure the alarm is always audible.

While the Filsafer may not prevent or even deter someone from attempting to grab your laptop, you’ll at least be completely aware of it when it happens.

[Kokuyo Filsafer PC Card] VIA [Akihabara News]