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The New LG Cyon

lg cyonBy Tanya Palta

Okay, if you?re bitten by the environmental bug and disapprove of anything toxic, you get big thumbs up from us. And believe me you?ll really dig the mass-market RoHS-compliant cell phone from LG, called The Cyon. Why exactly you may ask?

Well for starters, not only is it great looking, but according to LG Korea it?s extremely environment-friendly, by virtue of not being made from any hazardous materials. It?s nice to see big corporate houses go green for a change (and no we don?t mean the color of money).

[The Cyon] VIA [Mobilewhack]


2 responses to “The New LG Cyon”

  1. wazzzzzzzzzup says:

    that is an awsome looking phone!! I want one.

  2. Smoooth says:

    I love the smooth red touch button right below the display.