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Polymer Vision Concept

By Bruce Eaton

Bigger is better when it comes to screen size. So how does 4.8″ on your cellphone sound? Polymer Vision is a rollable, flexible screen technology producer who is bragging about how their screen can fit into almost anything with a roll radius of 0.75 cm. In case you were wondering how thin that is I just measured an average pen on my desk and it came in at .65 cm. A switching time of 0.5-1s, and an optimum refresh rate of 50 Hz rounds it out.

Granted it is 240 x 320 in terms of a pixel count, but I think I’d rather have a screen this big that I can show a quick picture on, than a supersharp tiny screen that only an ant can use.

The company is looking into every market for their screens, from GPS devices to the mockup cellphone you see above. They are low power consumption and small enough to squeeze into a tiny device, so who knows what may happen. Maybe the Apple iPod 6G will have two screens, one on the face and a rollout for movies and reading emails.

[Polymer Vision] VIA [Double Viking]


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  2. […] Want a significantly bigger screen for your phone? Trick question, right? Of course you do. The obliging folks at Polymer Vision want to help. They have created a completely rollable, flexible screen concept. When rolled up it is just 0.75 cm thick, but it rolls out to be a 4.8? screen. Sure, the pixel count is only 240 x 320, but look at the freaking size. You could roll it out of your phone when it was needed and actually watch video without going blind. Pretty cool. (Oh Gizmo!) […]

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  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. […] Alun perin t?rm?sin juttuun OhGizmossa. […]

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