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Airing Laundry Clean – With The LaundryPure

LaundryPure (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I have to say based on the limited information available on its website I’m a bit skeptical about this product. And while I may not be an expert on the science behind the technology, I can definitely see it would have some advantages.

The LaundryPure unit mounts on top of your washing machine and through the use of built-in UV lamps (which are visible to the user via small windows) infuses millions of tiny ozone bubbles into the the water as it’s pumped in during both the wash and rinse cycles. As a result fabrics will apparently be softer and more “bacteria-free” than just a standalone washing machine can do.

While the site says hot water and fabric softeners will no longer be needed, it’s not clear whether or not soap is still a requirement. However its claim of 100% non-polluting wastewater makes me assume it will replace detergents as well.

The LaundryPure has an estimated availability date of April 15… or later, and has a suggested retail price of $747. ($444-499 for wholesale purchases.)

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