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The Ultimate In “Force-Feedback”, The PainStation

pain station

By Bruce Eaton

Coming in from the land of rainbows and sausages, Germany, is the next thing that parents will blame for the downfall of little Johnny: the PainStation. The ultimate in force-feedback, the PainStation employs electric heat/shocks and lashings to victims players engaged in a funky version of Pong. People who play this actually have to sign waivers due to the amount of injury that can be inflicted, ranging from electrical burns to open smoldering gashes. The images of surviving contestants were too gross to show here.

In Germany this game platform is definitely a sideshow item but imagine the possibilities if it caught on in American arcades. 1 on 1 Soul Calibur 3 with REAL BLOOD! Talk about truly PW|\|3D opponents.

[PainStation] VIA [Pink Tentacle]


9 responses to “The Ultimate In “Force-Feedback”, The PainStation”

  1. bo says:

    wow.. you’re only like 4 years late with that post…

  2. Mark 2000 says:

    I hope they sanitize it after each use.f its bloody its probably a great disease spreader.

  3. electrobeans says:

    Painstation, Pong EXTREM

    Die ultimative Pong-Maschine, gute Spieler werden kaum einen Unterschied zu einem normalen Pongspiel feststellen k?nnen, schlecht dagegen werden auf alle erdenklichen Weisen f?r ihre Fehler bestraft! Als Painstation Spieler sollten sie deshalb sehr …

  4. Michael says:

    I knew about sausages but why are we the “land of rainbows”? Sounds interesting but I have no idea, please tell me.

  5. Shikoku88Henro says:

    That is actually a joke from the show THE SOUP on E! and its a line from a show called Wife Swap in America.

  6. fronten says:

    this is no joke and it is yeeeeeeears old.
    as you see the name refers to the Playstation and its old as this (more or less)