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Foot Flush

Foot Flush (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to germs, the toilet is basically considered to be the stereotypical ground-zero.

The Foot Flush is an easy to install foot pedal that allows you to flush your toilet without having to use your hands or make direct contact. Just run its (ed.) cord up into the back of your toilet tank, attach it to the clapper and it’s ready to go. While the Foot Flush is primarily marketed as a way to avoid contact with germs, it can also be quite useful for the physically challenged, or as a fun way to get kids to learn to flush.

The Foot Flush comes in 2 models, a standard version or a ‘fun’ foot-shaped version and both retail for $29.95.


2 responses to “Foot Flush”

  1. Android Replica says:

    Argh, “just run ITS cord” without the apostrophe. Gosh darn it all.

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