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Vibrate I Mean Rock To The Brainic VW-500 Vibrating MP3 Player

I just came across the Brainic VW-500 Vibrating MP3 Player and for once was at a loss for words. Why on earth would anyone need a vibrating mp3 player? Actually, many uses come to mind, but I?ll just refrain from mentioning them since OhGizmo is not that kind of a website [says who??! -Ed.]!

Apart from the unique vibrating function, the Brainic VW-500 has an OLED display with 1 GB of storage space. The player also has this cool little feature where it actually vibrates time to your music. Me thinking that while it may not be the Next Big Thing, it sure compliments the iBoxer, yet another “unique” product.

[Brainic] VIA [MusicGizmos]