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Unotron’s Washable Keyboards and Mice

By Tanya Palta

Tired of washing the same old dishes and hungry for some excitement in the cleaning department? Well now you can add Unotron’s keyboards and mice to your To-Do list and wash them without having them die out on you!

Dubbed SpillSeal, Unotron’s patented technology seals off their keyboard and mice and allows you to easily get rid of gross irritants like bacteria, dust, food spill etc. You can’t exactly put it in the dishwasher (or the washing machine for that matter), but you can dunk it in a tub of soapy water (just keep the USB cord out), clean it, dry it, and keep using, like new.

Unotron’s Wireless and Corded Keyboard are compatible with Windows and available in two colors: white and gray. The optical mouse comes in 3 different models which are the M10, M20 and M30. The SpillSeal products will be perfect for hospitals. The corded keyboard caries a price tag of $39, the wireless one $49 and the mice are priced between $49 and $79.

[Unotron] VIA [GearLog]


3 responses to “Unotron’s Washable Keyboards and Mice”

  1. Vies?

    Zoals wel uit verschillende onderzoeken blijkt, zijn toetsenborden en muizen vies. Werken open openbare werkplek is een aanslag op je gezondheid. Bacterien, baccillen, bah! Geen probleem zonder oplossing, dus Unotron heeft [ draadloze / optische ] was…