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Digital Cowboy’s Dual Pointer Mouse

By Bruce Eaton

While looking to be a solution to a problem that no one has ever had, the Digital Cowboy Dual Pointer Mouse truly makes people wonder what it is trying to accomplish that you couldn’t already without it. It works by allowing switching between two cursors (pointers if you will) that you move independently. This allows for some interesting things to be possible, such as working on two monitors without the harrowing hassle of dragging the mouse across your desktop.

I personally cannot think of anything beyond this application. Readers, I beg of you, let me know how you would use this. Possibly this is the greatest invention ever and I am just missing its point, or I am seeing with clear vision and it truly is useless. I don’t know! Just let me know in the comments: how would you use this?

Available this month in Japanland for $25.

[Dual Pointer Mouse] VIA [Gizmodo]