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The Biggest Subwoofer Ever Made


By David Ponce

Liquefied innards anyone? Just stand next to Richard Clark and David Navone’s little creation when it’s on full steam: a 60inch subwoofer. Here’s some quick specs.

The cone moves 6 inches peak to peak under full-tilt output.

The actual cone diameter is 54 inches, with the 3 inch wide surround on the outside of that. The radiating surface area is 2,290 square inches. That yields a one way displacement of 6,871 cubic inches. That is equivalent to the displacement of 161 ten inch woofers that move 1.5 inches peak to peak.

The motor is capable of producing 6,000+ pounds of linear force, which is necessary when considering the very large surface area and displacement volume required to produce high SPL levels.

The woofer was designed with the capability to produce SPL levels of 188 dB.

For a few more pictures and the full text of this beast’s birth, follow the linkage at the bottom.

[The 60inch Subwoofer] VIA [Fosfor Gadgets]

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