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Crying Baby Analyzer

Baby Cry Analyzer (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Taking an idea from Homer Simpson’s brother Herb, the ‘Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer’ looks to take some of the mystery out of why a child is upset.

The Crying Analyzer listens to a baby’s crying for about 20 seconds, then based on the pitch and other criteria can analyze and translate what it means. (With an 87% success rate.) It then lights up one of five easy to read faces indicating hunger, boredom, annoyed, sleepy or stressed. While the website emphasizes the Cry Analyzer is not designed to “replace a parent or caregivers natural ability to understand their baby’s needs” it can still be handy for babysitters or nannies who may not immediately know what’s wrong.

The ‘Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer’ can be yours for $149.95 from ShowerYourBaby.

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