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By Bruce Eaton

One Robert Balmer has created the Wikipedia for iPod that makes the hugely popular information site mobile. No longer will you be stumped when you hear about say, about the Biafra Wars or when some uses the term chthonic.

Downloadable in a 800MB block, this software at the moment works with 3rd and 4th generations, the iPod Photo and the iPod Mini. Currently all 5G iPods work about as well as the Shuffle. The best part is this software is gratis. So smart it up and stay edumacated.

[Wiki for iPod] VIA [BoingBoing]


One response to “Wik-i-Pod”

  1. Gizmodo says:

    Wikipedia on Your iPod

    Despite what the haters say, it?s hard to deny Wikipedia its place in the sun. Now you can load up the online encyclopedia on your (third or fourth generation) iPod. Folks with newer iPods, such as the nano or fifth-generation…